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By: A. Olivier, M.A., M.D., Ph.D.

Deputy Director, University of South Alabama College of Medicine

Patients with troublesome asthma are usually given a supply of oral steroids to keep at home arthritis medication glucosamine purchase naprosyn no prescription, with instructions in the asthma action planonwhentostartthem arthritis in back discs cheap naprosyn 500mg mastercard. Identifyingwheezeonauscultationduring an acute episode is helpful to make the diagnosis arthritis pain map buy naprosyn 500mg line. However arthritis in my back treatment order naprosyn line, many children with persistent cough without wheeze are treated incorrectly as asthmatics. Iftheclinicalfeaturesarenotsuggestiveofasthmaor if initial treatment is not beneficial, other diagnoses shouldbeconsideredorthechildreferredtoapaedia trician with a specialist interest in respiratory disorders. Persistentcoughafteranacuteinfectionmayindi catecysticfibrosisorunresolvedlobarcollapse,which will be seen on a chest Xray. If both parents smoke, young children are twice as likely to have recurrent cough and wheeze than in nonsmoking households. Some older children and adolescents develop a barking,unproductive,habitcoughfollowinganinfec tion or anasthma attack. Generalised bronchiectasis may be due to cystic fibrosis, primary ciliary dyskinesia, immuno deficiency or chronic aspiration. Focal bronchiectasis is due to previous severe pneumonia, congenital lung abnormalityorobstructionbyaforeignbody(seeCase History16. In primary ciliary dyskinesia there is congenital abnormality in the structure or function of cilia. Affectedchil dren have recurrent infection of the upper and lower respiratorytract,whichifuntreatedmayleadtosevere bronchiectasis. Theycharacteristicallyhavearecurrent productive cough, purulent nasal discharge and chronicearinfections;50%alsohavedextrocardiaand situsinversus(Kartagenersyndrome). Thediagnosisis madeinaspecialistlaboratorybyexaminationofthe structure and function of the cilia of nasal epithelial cellsbrushedfromthenose. Children with immunodeficiency may develop severe, unusual or recurrent chest infections. Tuberculosisremainsanimportantcauseofchronic lunginfectionandallchildrenwithapersistentproduc tive cough should have a chest Xray and tuberculin skin test. Persistentinflammationofthelowerairwaysdriven bychronicinfectionofthelowerrespiratorytract(per sistent endobronchial infection) is increasingly recog nised as a cause of chronic wet cough in children. Persist ent endobronchial infection is often improved with early access to oral antibiotics or on occasions long termprophylacticantibiotics. This leads to damage of the bronchial wall, bronchiectasisandabscessformation(Fig. On examination there is hyper inflation of the chest due to air trapping, coarse inspiratorycrepitationsand/orexpiratorywheeze. In the airways this leads to reduction in the airway surface liquid layer and consequent impaired ciliary function and retention of mucopurulent secretions. Chronic 1 2 3 Respiratory disorders 295 4 Itiswellrecognisedbutlesscommoninotherethnic groups. The pancreatic ducts also become blocked by thick secretions, leading to pancreatic enzyme deficiency and malabsorption. Abnormal function of the sweat glands results in excessiveconcentrationsofsodiumandchlorideinthe sweat. The sweat is col lectedintoaspecialcapillarytubeorabsorbedontoa weighed piece of filter paper. Diagnostic errors are common if there is an inadequate volume of sweat collected, so the test must be performed by experi enced staff. From diagnosis, chil dren should have physiotherapy at least twice a day, aiming to clear the airways of secretions. In younger children, parents are taught to perform airway clear ance at home using chest percussion and postural drainage. Older patients perform controlled deep breathingexercisesanduseavarietyofphysiotherapy devices for airway clearance. Per sisting symptoms or signs require prompt and vigor ousintravenoustherapytolimitlungdamage,usually administeredfor14daysviaaperipheralvenouslong line.

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However rheumatoid arthritis red eyes purchase naprosyn, as the proportion of pregnancies in older mothers is small arthritis in feet natural remedies buy naprosyn 500 mg cheap, most affected babies are born to younger mothers arthritis rheumatoid treatment natural generic 500mg naprosyn overnight delivery. Furthermore arthritis causes discount naprosyn 250mg overnight delivery, meiotic nondisjunction can occur in spermatogenesissothattheextra21canbeofpaternal origin. Allpregnantwomenarenowofferedscreening testsmeasuringbiochemicalmarkersinbloodsamples andoftenalsonuchalthickeningonultrasound(thick ening of the soft tissues at the back of the neck) to identify an increased risk of Down syndrome in the fetus. Afterhaving onechildwithtrisomy21duetonondisjunction,the risk of recurrence of Down syndrome is given as 1 in 200formothersundertheageof35years,butremains similar to their agerelated population risk for those overtheageof35years. In this situation, parental chromosomal analysis is recommended,sinceoneoftheparentsmaywellcarry the translocation in balanced form (in 25% of cases). Thisusuallyarisesaftertheformation of the chromosomally normal zygote by non disjunctionatmitosisbutcanarisebylatermitoticnon disjunctioninatrisomy21conception. Risk of Down syndrome 1 in 650 1 in 1530 1 in 900 1 in 385 1 in 240 1 in 110 1 in 37 Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18) and Patau syndrome (trisomy 13) AlthoughrarerthanDownsyndrome(1in8000and1 in14000livebirths,respectively),particularconstella tions of severe multiple abnormalities suggest these diagnosesatbirth;mostaffectedbabiesdieininfancy. Many affected fetuses are detectedbyultrasoundscanduringthesecondtrimes terofpregnancyanddiagnosiscanbeconfirmedante natally by amniocentesis and chromosome analysis. Recurrenceriskislow,exceptwhenthetrisomyisdue to a balanced chromosome rearrangement in one of theparents. Turner syndrome (45, X) Usually (>95%), Turner syndrome results in early mis carriage and is increasingly detected by ultrasound antenatally when fetal oedema of the neck, hands or feetoracystichygromamaybeidentified. Inabout50%ofgirlswithTurnersyndrome,thereare 45 chromosomes, with only one X chromosome. The othercaseshaveadeletionoftheshortarmofoneX chromosome, an isochromosome that has two long armsbutnoshortarm,oravarietyofotherstructural defectsofoneoftheXchromosomes. A translocation that appears bal ancedonconventionalchromosomeanalysismaystill involve the loss of a few genes or the disruption of a single gene at one of the chromosomal breakpoints andresultinanabnormalphenotype,oftenincluding cognitivedifficulties. Studyingthebreakpointsinsuch individuals has been one way of identifying the loca tionofspecificgenes. Findingabalancedtransloca tioninoneparentindicatesarecurrenceriskforfuture pregnancies, so that antenatal diagnosis by chorionic villussamplingoramniocentesisshouldbeofferedas wellastestingrelativeswhomightbecarriers. Mendelian inheritance Mendelianinheritance,describedbyMendelingarden peas in 1866, is the transmission of inherited traits or diseasescausedbyvariationinasinglegeneinachar acteristic pattern. These Mendelian traits or disorders are individually rare but collectively numerous and important: over 6000 have been described. Ifthediagnosisofaconditionisuncertain,its pattern of inheritance may be evident on drawing a family tree (pedigree), which is an essential part of geneticevaluation(Fig. Thedeletion may involve loss of the terminal or an interstitial part ofachromosomearm. Anexampleofadeletionsyndromeinvolveslossof the tip of the short arm of chromosome 5, hence the name 5p or monosomy 5p. Because affected babies have a highpitched mewing cry in early infancy, it is alsoknownascri du chatsyndrome. It is now possible to specify the genes involved in chromosomal deletions as molecularmethodsarereplacingstandardcytogenetic investigations. Anincreasingnumberofsyndromesarenowknown to be due to chromosome deletions too small to be seen by conventional cytogenetic analysis. Eachchildfromanaffectedparent has a 1 in 2 (50%) chance of inheriting the abnormal gene. Parents Affected Normal Offspring Affected Affected 50% Normal Normal 50% Figure 8.

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Cardiac biopsy is not usually performed as the findings rarely influence management arthritis pain formula commercial quality 250 mg naprosyn. The hypertrophic non-compliant ventricles impair diastolic filling aloe vera arthritis pain relief purchase 500mg naprosyn mastercard, so that stroke volume is reduced arthritis in knee squats discount 500 mg naprosyn otc. Most cases are familial gouty arthritis in back cheap naprosyn 500mg with visa, autosomal dominant and caused by mutations in genes encoding sarcomeric proteins. Clinical features Patients may be symptom-free (and detected through family screening) or have breathlessness, angina or syncope. Complications include sudden death, atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, thromboembolism, infective endocarditis and heart failure. The carotid pulse is jerky because of rapid ejection and sudden obstruction to the ventricular outflow during systole. An ejection systolic murmur occurs because of left ventricular outflow obstruction, and the pansystolic murmur of functional mitral regurgitation may also be heard. A pattern of left ventricular hypertrophy with no discernible cause is diagnostic. Vasodilators should be avoided because they may aggravate left ventricular outflow obstruction or cause refractory hypotension. In selected cases, outflow tract gradients are reduced by surgical resection or alcohol ablation of the septum, or by dual-chamber pacing. Clinical features Shortness of breath is usually the first complaint; less often, patients present with embolism (from mural thrombus) or arrhythmia. Subsequently, there is progressive heart failure with the symptoms and signs of biventricular failure. Other tests such as coronary angiography, viral and autoimmune screen and endomyocardial biopsy may be needed to exclude other diseases (Table 10. Management Heart failure and atrial fibrillation are treated in the conventional way (pp. Primary restrictive cardiomyopathy the rigid myocardium restricts diastolic ventricular filling and the clinical features resemble those of constrictive pericarditis (pp. Diagnosis is by cardiac catheterization, which shows characteristic pressure changes. An endomyocardial biopsy may be taken during the catheter procedure, thus providing histological diagnosis. There is no specific treatment and the prognosis is poor, with most patients dying less than a year after diagnosis. The typical presentation is ventricular tachycardia or sudden death in a young man. Other causes include uraemia, autoimmune rheumatic diseases, trauma, infection (bacterial, tuberculosis, fungal) and malignancy (breast, lung, leukaemia and lymphoma). Clinical features There is sharp retrosternal chest pain which is characteristically relieved by leaning forward. Pericardial effusion and tamponade Pericardial effusion is an accumulation of fluid in the pericardial sac which may result from any of the causes of pericarditis. Hypothyroidism also causes a pericardial effusion which rarely compromises ventricular function. Pericardial tamponade is a medical emergency and occurs when a large amount of Pericardial disease 481 pericardial fluid (which has often accumulated rapidly) restricts diastolic ventricular filling and causes a marked reduction in cardiac output. Clinical features the effusion obscures the apex beat and the heart sounds are soft. This is the result of increased venous return to the right side of the heart during inspiration. The increased right ventricular volume thus occupies more space within the rigid pericardium and impairs left ventricular filling. Pericardial fluid is drained percutaneously by introducing a needle into the pericardial sac. If the effusion recurs, despite treatment of the underlying cause, excision of a pericardial segment allows fluid to be absorbed through the pleural and mediastinal lymphatics. Clinical features the heart becomes encased within a rigid fibrotic pericardial sac which prevents adequate diastolic filling of the ventricles.

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The experience of collaboration arthritis in neck and fainting purchase naprosyn discount, in other words arthritis in fingers relief purchase generic naprosyn pills, might be better understood through a prolonged experience arthritis in thumb discount naprosyn 250 mg with mastercard, allowing students enough time to be critical of their dynamic interactions and implement group changes that reflect deeper collaboration arthritis back young generic 500mg naprosyn amex. As part of the task design and project management process, it is worth considering building in explicit opportunities and time for talk, and where students actively and systematically record key ideas and decisions through journaling and other strategies. Students might be encouraged to develop and map out a writing plan, and time may be needed to scaffold students through these processes, and to develop teamwork skills and expected pro-social behaviours and cognitive actions that lead to the desired learning outcomes. The nature of the knowledge and the process of knowledge construction need to be made explicit, perhaps embedded in discussion of some social justice and work load equity issues and team processes that might emerge. The findings also challenge educators to think about the assessment criteria to be used, and the place of collaborative teamwork and the co-construction of knowledge in the assessment measure. The whole arena of assigning group vs individual grades on group performances continues to be discussed in the literature (Chinn, 2011). While students might provide feedback that another student contributed very little to the process, especially the writing-up process, it may not be the fault of that student. For example, it could be possible that if the group is driven by a desire to get a high grade, members of the group might exclude someone from contributing out of fear that this might pull the grade down. In addition, research acknowledges that the most proficient students tend take over the task (Chinn, 2011). The more the group dynamics are understood by educators, and made visible through reflection, journaling and feedback loops to both educators and students, and made explicit in the assessment criteria, the greater likelihood that issues surrounding social justice, knowledge creation and project management may be reduced. Other strategies might be used, such as public display of learning outcomes, peer review of contribution, use of information technology tools to develop collaborative writing and editing 15 strategies, the assignment of roles such as note-takers, documentalists, search strategists, summarizers, and editors; and the posting of notes of group meetings, discussions and decisions. Conclusion this research reported here, with particular emphasis on group processes, indicates that developing collaborative inquiry through group research tasks in a digital information environment is a complex interplay of cognitive, social and interpersonal dynamics. These centre on both the process and outcome of knowledge creation and representation, the interpersonal and personal dimensions that create the team dynamics, the functionality of the group, and the nature of the learning outcome. Embedded in these dynamics are core concepts such as social justice, division of labour and equity of contribution, and effective monitoring of learning processes, By identifying these dynamics, and through modelling, training and encouraging key processes such as positive interdependence, balanced participation, and group skills development, the potential for deep learning and understanding can be realised. This is particularly critical in the context of information technology, as information technology moves from being a tool to support learning, to being the socially constructed learning environment. Peer sharing facilitates the effect of inquiry-based projects on science learning. Computer-mediated learning groups: Benefits and challenges to using groupwork in online learning environments. Exploring problem-based learning in the context of high school science: Design and implementation issues. Making the black box of collaborative learning transparent: Combining process-oriented and cognitive load approaches. Effects of cooperative and individualistic learning experiences on interethnic interaction. Cooperative learning in middle schools: Interrelationship of relationships and achievement. Ban Those Bird Units: 15 Models for Teaching and Learning in Information-Rich and Technology-Rich Environments. Leveraging mobile technology for sustainable seamless learning: a research agenda. Collaborative versus individual use of regulative software scaffolds during scientific inquiry learning. Generating Knowledge and Avoiding Plagiarism: Smart Information Use by High School Students. The complex ecologies of collaborative information problem-solving: A comparative study. Cooperative learning, collaborative learning, and interaction: Three communicative strands in the language classroom. The educational impact of team-skills training: Preparing students to work in groups. The impact of collaborative groups versus individuals in undergraduate inquiry-based astronomy laboratory learning exercises. Research on cooperative learning and achievement: What we know, what we need to know. Report on Findings and Recommendations of the New Jersey School Library Study Phase 1: Once Common Goal: Student Learning. Biographical notes Dr Ross J Todd is associate professor in the School of Communication & Information at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.